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Spirit Knight Reviews Are Here!!
Bryan Mero, writer of Spirit Knight, is reviewing your favorite movies, tv shows, comic books, conventions and more! It is a work in progress but it will start growing very quickly with some great movie and tv shows coming out soon! Check out SK Reviews!!


Bryan Mero at the Maui Film Festival 2016 Bryan Mero, will be attending the Maui Film Festival this year. Watch for new reivews for films and events from the MFF!!


Bryan Mero at San Diego Comic-Con 2016! Bryan Mero, writer of Spirit Knight will be back at Comicon this year! With issues of Spirit Knight and a few t-shirts, see him at the CCAS table!


Spirit Knight Free Web Comic It's about time everyone got the chance to read the Spirit Knight mini-series. We are currently converting each issue into a free web comic for your enjoyment.
Click here to read each issue!


Sam's Journal Sam may have finished his mini-series but he is still moving on. Starting in July, 2009, there will be a new journal entry from Sam every month. Stay in touch with Sam as he continues to fight the evil demon seed. There will also be illustrations from guest artists to keep Sam's story alive!
Check out Sam's journal entries here.


Wondercon was the best yet for Red Machine Comics and Spirit Knight. Check out the pictures from WonderCon 2009 and find out what happened when a documentary film crew dropped by and the invasion of the Spirit Knight superfans!
Click here to read more and check out the pictures!


The Complete Series The full Spirit Knight mini-series can be purchased together in a four issue set. Be sure to check out the Spirit Knight store to purchase single issues or the whole set.