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Spirit Knight Reviews Are Here!!
Bryan Mero, writer of Spirit Knight, is reviewing your favorite movies, tv shows, comic books, conventions and more! Check out Spirit Knight Reviews!!





Spirit Knight - A Graphic Novel
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Spectrum by Bryan Mero
Bryan Mero, writer of Spirit Knight, has written a book and a screenplay adaptation called Spectrum! Spectrum explores a world where the spirit world is exposed. What happens when you open a door to the spirit world, the door swings both ways...

The 'Spectrum' script was selected as a semi-finalist at the Tuscon, AZ - Faith in Film: International Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition


Clouds of Thunder by Bryan Mero
Bryan Mero, writer of Spirit Knight, has written an action, adventure story about the infamous Thunder Bird...could they still be flying today?


Sam's Journal Sam may have finished his mini-series but he is still moving on. Starting in July, 2009, there will be a new journal entry from Sam every month. Stay in touch with Sam as he continues to fight the evil demon seed. There will also be illustrations from guest artists to keep Sam's story alive!
Check out Sam's journal entries here.


The Complete Series The full Spirit Knight mini-series is sold out for good! Be sure to check out the Spirit Knight store and buy your copy of the Spirit Knight graphic novel today!