Journal Entry #1: Knight at the Museum

I'm on the rode again. I just traveled for a few hours and stopped at this rundown diner. A cup of coffee goes along way. I never thought I'd like my coffee black, now I can't think of having it any other way. The last couple of days have pushed me harder than before. I'm writing all this down so I can remember everything that happened. Who knows, someone might actually read this and understand what I'm going through or continue where I left off. The way I'm going now, I'm alive by God's grace. If that ever leaves me, well, then my journey will be truly over... (click here to read more)


Journal Entry #2: Wedding Knight

Here I am again, not really knowing what I'm doing. I'm definitely helping people but I leave quite a bit of collateral damage. I've stopped again just to write down these notes. I doubt anyone would really believe my continuing story…who am I kidding? I'm a loner, riding around on a stolen Harley, talking to Angels and going after puke green demon seeds. Oh yeah, this is the life... (click here to read more)


Journal Entry #3: Knight Surfing

I love clam chowder on a cold and overcast day. I finally feel warm again from the inside out. I'm sure when people see movies about California they think 'fun in the sun.' When I rolled into that little beach town I probably had the same idea, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself... (click here to read more)


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