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    Hi Everyone!
    Troy and I were so excited to be back at WonderCon this year! 2009 WonderCon was the best so far! We were finally at WonderCon with all four issues of Spirit Knight, t-shirts, Elvis shades and more! Friday was pretty slow, like most preview days but when Saturday came there was wall to wall people (see pics below). We had a great time meeting a ton of new people on Saturday and sold quite a few issues. Sunday came and brought out all the Spirit Knight superfans! People we haven't seen in a couple of years were showing up at the table excited to see that we were back and had Spirit Knight #4.

    We had such a great time, eventhough Troy had to leave a little early on Sunday. There was both a Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher sighting. Check out the pics below for my stealthy photo of Carrie Fisher. Troy and I were interviewed by an Australian film crew making a documentry on the current state of comics and wanted some insight from independant publishers. We were happy to go on camera and give our opinion. Look for it in the fall, a film called - A Comic Affair.

    All in all, a great convention. It's so great that we have WonderCon in our backyard. Our neighboring table this year was Ralph Miley from Christian Comics Art Society, who will be taking our issues with him to Comic-Con this year down in San Diego! It will be great to have our issues on center stage at the largest convention in the world. Check out the pictures below! Peter Gonzalez was also there as a newbie this year to the con with Crown of Life comics. Check out his picture below and his David and Goliath comic.

    -Bryan Mero


    Red Machine Comics presents Spirit Knight #1, #2, #3 & #4 at WonderCon 2009:

    Mike Gustafson (of Ned Weaver fame) and Troy Gustafson (Spirit Knight Artist) get the table ready on Friday.

    Our neighbor, Ralph Miley, from Christian Comics Arts Socitety.

    Peter Gonzales from Crown of Life Comics at his very first convention. Check out David and Goliath and other cool comics!

    Bryan Mero (Spirit Knight Writer) and Troy Gustafson are ready for action at the Red Machine Table!

    Here come the crowds!

    Our row was wall to wall people on Saturday.

    We had a Lenny Kravitz look-a-like buy some shade...very cool.

    One of our many Spirit Knight Superfans! Elvis shades are always cool...

    Captain Sisko from Deep Space 9 was on hand...he doesn't need Elvis shades to be cool.

    "Who Watches Spirit Knight?" Rorschach is on the case.

    Hey, another Spirit Knight Superfan! Paul Lopez brought us his fan art of Sam and Michael...Paul will be doing some of his own comics soon, be on the lookout!

    Shhh...here's my sneaky attempt to get a photo of Carrie Fisher. No cameras allowed unless you are buying an autograph...but I got a glimpse...Padame in her snow outfit wasn't bad either.

    The Comedian dropped by along with Silk Spectre...even the Comedian has some Elvis in him.

    We had some people come by just for the glasses...gotta love it.

    OK, this has nothing to do with our table, but oh my! The best costume of the weekend! Bring it on Bumblebee!

    Bryan Mero and Ralph Miley enjoy a moment before Sunday's show begins.

    Bryan Mero and Peter Gonzalez enjoy a little peace before the Sunday crowds.

    What?! Another Spirit Knight superfan! Issue 4 finishes the first mini-series.

    A new Spirit Knight fan is born.

    Talk about new fans...here's an Elvis impersonator so impressed with the Return of the King issue, he wanted a picture with Bryan.

    Get out of here...MORE Spirit Knight superfans! They thought we were gone after missing last year and were surprised to see us. We were so happy that we could complete their colletion of Spirit Knight issues.

    One of our favorite fans, Ruth, dropped by late Sunday. It was great to see her. She does some great artwork herself.

    This little cutie somehow managed to buy a shirt for $2...hey, I'm a softie and there was 30 minutes left on Sunday.

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