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    Hi Everyone!
    Bryan Mero (Writer) and Troy Gustafson (Artist) attended WonderCon in San Francisco in March, 2007. We were so glad to meet so many people over the 3-day convention. We literally received the latest issue of Spirit Knight (#3 - Return of the King) the day before WonderCon started. Armed with new t-shirts, all three issues, Elvis trading cards and official Elvis sunglasses we were ready! The Con was great! Almost everybody loves Elvis and the glasses were a huge hit! We also gave away another box of Bibles to anyone who wanted one and sold more graphic novels of Samson and Testament. For our third time to WonderCon, this was by far our most successful year! Check out the pictures below, if you can't tell we have kind of an Elvis theme going on...check it:


    Red Machine Comics presents Spirit Knight #1, #2 & #3 at WonderCon 2007:

    WonderCon was in Moscone Center South this year. Troy and Mike Gustafson get the table ready.

    The tables done. Mike and Bryan get ready for the crowds of people.

    Elvis Trooper came back this year. Spirit Knight #3 - Return of the King was a hit!

    Dale Berry from Myriad Pub. did a classis Elvis bow. Check out DaleBerry.com!

    Topher from TomatoTV.net knows how to rock the Elvis glasses!

    Alan Groening brought Elvis to life in single pose!

    FamBooks was in the house all weekend at the Con!

    Free Elvis glasses with every purchas was a hit!

    Everyone's gotta little Elvis in them!

    Doesn't matter what color you are, even blue or orange...Elvis is the king.

    Pirate Elvis? Ya, why not! "I'm all shook up...arrghhhh"

    Elvis with a mohawk...he definitely could have pulled it off today!

    Best friends share a little Elvis together.

    Hang loose Elvis!

    Bryand and Ernie Hudson show their inner Elvis!

    Troy and Richard Hatch share a moment.

    Gustafson boys and Ray Parks.

    Bryan finds Lassie star John Provst as a big Elvis fan!

    Mike cuddles up with young Aunt Beru and little Boba Fett from Star Wars.

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