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    Hi Everyone!
    Bryan Mero (Writer) and Troy Gustafson (Artist) attended their first WonderCon in 2005. We brought some boxes of Spirit Knight #1 and had no idea what we were doing! When our first potential customer came up and asked us what our comic was all about we were lost for words...duh...what was our story? After a quick silent prayer and conference with each other we had our pitch.

    The first day was a challenge with very few people and only a few sales. Saturday was huge. We didn't leave the table all day and gave away over 50 Bibles. We were some of the only 'Christian' oriented books there and people took notice. If you've never been to a comic book convention, you've got to go and support your local artists. We appreciate everyone that bought our comic and gave us a chance. We can't wait for next year!

    Red Machine Comics presents Spirit Knight at WonderCon 2005:
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    Bryan Mero and Troy Gustafson welcome you to WonderCon 2005.

    We were lucky to meet so many great people.

    Stephen Silver (creator of Kim Possible) sat across from our table.

    Troy's son, Michael, met Boba Fett...nice Red Machine sweatshirt!

    While Michael walked the Con, we took care of business at the table.

    Troy met quite a few artists that had great portfolios.

    Another shameless promotional shot with Spider-man, way to go Michael!

    Bryan got to meet Bob Wilkins of 'Creature Features' and 'Captain Cosmic' fame.

    Bryan and Troy also had a long talk with Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca). We got the scope on the last(?) Star Wars.

    Keeping the Star Wars theme...Darth digs Red Machine Comics, or Michael's about the be 'recruited' as a storm trooper.

    Elvis/Star Wars crossover...also a preview of Spirit Knight Issue 3.

    Thanks for visiting us at the Con...see you at WonderCon 2006...we'll be there more of the Spirit Knight mini-series!

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