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    Hi Everyone!
    Bryan Mero (Writer) and Troy Gustafson (Artist) attended WonderCon in San Francisco in February, 2006. This was our second trip to WonderCon. We once again gave away free Bibles and emptied out a couple of boxes...that's close to 50 Bibles! We also sold alot of graphic novels but our main goal was showing off Spirit Knight issue 2. We sold quite a few issues to people who bought from us last year and were wearing our T-Shirt! We also had quite alot of people who didn't see us last year and bought both issues. All in all it was a successful show and we can't wait to get moving and have more issue ready for next year and hopefully tackle Comicon in S.D. Time will tell. For now, enjoy the pictures below!


    Red Machine Comics presents Spirit Knight #1 and #2 at WonderCon 2006:

    WonderCon was in Moscone Center West this year.

    Bryan Mero, Michael Gustafson and Troy Gustafson welcome you to WonderCon 2006.

    Elvis Trooper posed with our next issue "Return of the King." Next year we'll have our own Elvis!

    All of our boys were there to celebrate Spirit Knight and enjoy the Con.

    David Colman was one of our neighbors. He works at Cartoon Network and was very cool.

    Papa, Mama and Baby Boba Fetts...this blaster is just right.

    Michael found it's best to let the wookie win.

    The boys got the meet the REAL Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew.

    We talked with Zachary Sherman, digital artist with ILM and creator of Seal Team 7! He is very cool.

    At first I thought it was a Demon Seed...nope just your everyday Dragon Man.

    The boys could not resist Darth Vaders invitation.

    So the boys promptly signed up with the local Empirial Troop Station.

    Green Lantern and Batman dropped by.

    Nightcrawler and the other Green Lantern pose with the boys. *BAMF*

    General Grievous broke up the Con and made everyone go home! (after 5pm on Sunday)

    Thanks to everyone that supported us at the Con! We can't wait to be there again next year with more Spirit Knight!

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