Sam's Journal Entry:

Journal Entry 2 - Wedding Knight
Written by Bryan Mero
Illustrated by RC de Guzman

Here I am again, not really knowing what I'm doing. I'm definitely helping people but I leave quite a bit of collateral damage. I've stopped again just to write down these notes. I doubt anyone would really believe my continuing story…who am I kidding? I'm a loner, riding around on a stolen Harley, talking to Angels and going after puke green demon seeds. Oh yeah, this is the life.

I was cruising up the highway heading north when I saw an old pickup truck pulled over on the side of the road. I wouldn't normally stop but this guy was in a full tux including tails. I had to know what was going on. It was a good thing I did because he was having all sorts of trouble getting the truck to start. Now, I'm not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination but I think I may have been the expert compared to this guy. He had the hood open and holding wires and plugs in each hand trying to figure out where they go. His name was Ted and he was past the point of frustration. It was kind of funny because he was trying to keep any grease off the tux and looked like a dancing penguin.

Speaking of the tux, I asked him jokingly if he was late for his own wedding and a simple "yes" was his answer. I couldn't help but chuckle and offered my help. I remembered my own wedding…it seems so long ago now…but I was a few minutes late for the rehearsal dinner and my soon to be bride threw a fit…so I felt for the guy. I grabbed the mess of wires and went to work. It was an old Chevy truck…not too hard to work on but he had definitely made it a challenge. Once all the wires and plugs were all put back in the right place we fired it up with no problem. He couldn't stop thanking me. I straddled my bike as he gave me one last "thank you." I tried to fire-up my bike…nothing. I tried again…no go.

Ted jumped in his truck, gave me a wave and took off. I sat there trying to start my Harley over and over again. I remembered thinking, "no good deed goes unpunished." Is this how God repays a good deed? I got off the bike and started checking for anything wrong. This was not unlike when I stopped in front of the Museum a few days ago. What purpose would it be for me to get stuck in the middle of nowhere? I walked around the backside of the bike and ready to kick the back tire when I saw the back of Ted's truck heading towards me.

"Having some trouble?"

Ok, so I helped Ted and luckily he was nice enough to check on me as he drove away. He helped me load the bike into the back of his truck and we were on our way. Where else was I going to go? Ted knew the local mechanic in town and would drop me off. On the way we started talking about his wedding. I'll try to give you the rundown on this strange wedding event. Ted is not Mr. GQ by any means. He's a bit of a heavy set guy and probably never saw a hair stylist in his life. With that said, he is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. He wanted to know all about what I was doing and where I was going. I couldn't give him much of an answer on either one of those and kept it very general. When I turned the questioning to his wedding here is the story I heard:

Ted is part of the local church and was organizing his mission to Africa. He had a group of people helping him get ready to move and help a small church in one of those African nations…I can't remember which now…but before he could solidify anything a woman showed up in town. She seemed lost on the street and Ted stopped to help her out. They had lunch, dinner and never spent a spare moment apart. Ted could hardly come up with the words to describe how beautiful she was, "like a supermodel" he said. He had never dated a woman like that before…besides the fact that he had only one girlfriend before. He said he found his soul mate, canceled his mission and they decided to get married…but this was after only knowing her for two weeks! You'd think that would send up a warning…well it did to his family, friends and his pastor.

Anyway, needless to say, this was going to be a small wedding. The local judge was going to preside over the wedding and he hoped some of his family would show. We pulled up to the small chapel. It was a bit rundown with half the paint falling off. Inside were maybe ten rows wooden pews. It was very cozy. He promised he would help me drop off the bike after the wedding. I had no problem with that and went inside and sat down in the back row. I looked up at the guests…the groom's side had 10 to 15 people looking around and talking…the bride's side was empty. A few people snuck over to her side just to balance out the room. Then I looked beside me to see Michael, in all his golden glory kneeling in the walkway next to me. He always has a way of startling me! I should be used to the big guy by now. Now I know why Angel's always told people, "fear not." Yeah, I've been trying to read more of my Bible…some good stuff in there. As for now, I've been looking up all the Angel references so I can to figure out what I'm doing.

No one else seemed to notice Michael. I could hear him speak, but it was a language I'd never heard before. He wasn't speaking to me that was for sure. I whispered his name once and then twice…then uttered "Michael!" The other folks in the room heard me and looked back as I scooted down on the pew.

"Samuel, God has told me to bring you a message."

Ok…so I'm waiting, maybe this was what I've been waiting for! The answer to why I'm doing all this.

"Be the best man."

That's it? Be the best man? I didn't get a chance to ask what it meant as he turned back into a kneeling position…he uttered a few more words, I had no idea what they meant, Michael finally looked up and his armor started to shine…I'd say like the sun, but I'm sure that's been way overused, I'd say brighter than the sun because I couldn't keep my eyes open as he yelled, "Glory be the one true God!" and with a flash he disappeared. By this time I'm curled up in a ball on the floor trying to get the sun spots out of my eyes. "Hey Sam" was the voice I heard. I looked up to see floating spots and somewhere in between was Ted. He told me how his best man didn't show. He left Ted a text message how he just didn't agree with this wedding, especially to that woman.

"Would you be my best man?"

This was a good one God…I never would have stood as a best man for a wedding for guy I didn't know…but with Michael's message…there had to be something going on. So I agreed. Ted seemed like a nice enough guy. I helped him out once, I could do it again. We rushed to a back room for me to change. I found the tux intended for the best man and put it on…it fit a bit snug but it would do. We were already late so once I was ready we rushed out onto the stage to await the bride.

She walked down the isle alone to the wedding march music on the organ. She was very slender and all dressed in a flowing white, strapless gown. Ted was glowing as she walked up and took his hand. He lifted her veil and revealed her beautiful face. She was a knockout, but she looked strangely familiar. Then she glanced at me with a puzzled look. I could hear her whisper to Ted over the music, "who is that" and "he did what to your truck" and finally "Vegas?"

While this was going on I noticed that tingling in my hands again. It felt a little different than before…but familiar. I had felt it only one time before…Vegas! My attempt to be an Elvis impersonator (see issue #3) gave me the exact same feeling. I decided to give a little prayer…I would need it in this awkward situation, "God, please show me what I need to do…lead me." And with that simple prayer my hands started to glow and the bride started to change.

She started to slowly turn a greenish color. It was easily seen compared to the white dress. It's a creepy process…especially for one so beautiful to turn so ugly and evil right before your eyes. Ted tried to calm her down but when he saw her change, he took a step back next to me. The transformation was almost complete…greenish skin, reddish eyes deformed, sharpened teeth and extra long green fingers.

"You!" she cried out while pointing at me with her hideous long finger. "I know who you are!"

I'm flattered and a bit scared to think I have a reputation already. Somehow word has gotten out that I'm on the road taking out demon seeds…I noticed it with my encounter with Mr. Darkness himself (see issue #4). I may need to keep a lower profile so I don't give myself away too quickly.

"You killed my sister!"

She took a step towards me and Ted took a step in the way, trying to protect me no doubt. That was a mistake as his bride grabbed him by the shoulders and tossed him like a rag doll. He landed on the top of the wooden pews. I could hear an audible "crack" when he landed and fractured a rib. She had me cornered on the stage.

Here I was again, toe to toe with a d.s. who is out for revenge with nothing to fight with. I looked down and noticed my hands were still glowing. I looked back up just as she took her first swing at me. I raised my left arm and blocked it. I really thought I would end up next to Ted in the pews. A d.s. can be very strong, but instead my arm held strong. That seemed to surprise her as much as it did me. If it wasn't for the little stool that I tripped over behind me I probably could have held my own. There I was, on my back looking up, like a helpless turtle. I turned myself over and tried to get back to my feet when I felt some kind of rope around my neck. She grabbed the pull back tie from one of the tapestries on stage and was trying to strangle me! My own clumsiness had done it to me again. I was close to blacking out when I saw Ted, holding his side, and the rest of his wedding guests rush the stage. The rope dropped away as the greenish bride was bowled over by the crowd. The only word I could hear from her was "No…" and then a thump. Apparently the impact to the floor was enough and she turned into ash. I can still smell the sulfur. It always makes my stomach churn.

Ted stumbled out of the crowd, his tux covered with demon seed ash and holding his side. He was in a lot of pain and could hardly talk. My hands were still glowing as he fell into my arms. I laid him gently on his back as I asked him where it hurt. He pointed to the right side of his chest. I didn't know what I was doing but laid my glowing hand on the area and asked God to fix him. I'm still not sure exactly what I said…it was like I was outside looking in or watching the whole scene on a fuzzy television. My hand lit up and then faded away. Ted started to cough and I was afraid I made it worse and then he started to talk!

"Thanks Sam! Did you feel that? Man, my whole side was hot and the pain just went away!"

How did I do it? Was it me at all? I don't understand. Apparently, they couldn't see my glowing hands. No one mentioned it as they all thanked me over and over. Maybe I'm the only one who can see the glow? Like being the only one who can see Michael. I don't know. I was thanking them right back for saving my neck, literally.

Ted seemed little dazed and confused but I could see a light in his eyes. He started talking about how he lost his focus and was ready to go to Africa and his dream to be a missionary. I changed back to my regular clothes quickly and couple of the guys helped me unload the Harley from the back of Ted's truck. Ted insisted he take me over to the local garage but I assured him it wasn't necessary.

I straddled the bike and "vroom" it started like nothing was wrong. Apparently there nothing more I could do here. The fuel gage topped off at 'full' and I rode out of town. I guess I just let God lead me to where I need to be…if that makes any sense. I'm learning to trust God more and myself a little less. It may take a lot of time to get all the way there…but I think I'm moving towards it. I'll write more later. I'm heading towards the coast. I wish I knew where I was and where I'm going…


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