Sam's Journal Entry:

Journal Entry 1 - Knight at the Museum
Written by Bryan Mero
Illustrated by RC de Guzman
Colors by Bryan Mero

I'm on the rode again. I just traveled for a few hours and stopped at this rundown diner. A cup of coffee goes along way. I never thought I'd like my coffee black, now I can't think of having it any other way. The last couple of days have pushed me harder than before. I'm writing all this down so I can remember everything that happened. Who knows, someone might actually read this and understand what I'm going through or continue where I left off. The way I'm going now, I'm alive by God's grace. If that ever leaves me, well, then my journey will be truly over.

Let me start a couple days ago. It had been awhile since my encounter at Devil's Canyon. Things were pretty quiet until pulled in at a rest stop to use the bathroom. It must have been pretty late because there was hardly anyone there or anyone on the road. When I came back out there was absolutely no one there. My bike was the only one in the parking lot and I couldn't see any cars for miles either way on the highway. Suddenly there was a bright light. I couldn't see anything until Michael appeared in front of me. I'm still not used to seeing Michael. I'm sure as far as Archangels go, he's quite impressive…and scary. I have no idea how tall he is. When he saved me from my bike explosion (see SK issue 4) he cradled me like a kid. Anyway, he's huge.

My reaction to fear comes out as being a bit sarcastic and rude. I think I blurted out something like, "Could you turn off your brights?" Michael still looked a little torn up in places but better than when I last left him. "Can't you afford a new suit of armor?" He just stood there, looked down at me and finally spoke, "Samuel, God has sent me to give you a message."

He stood there, his eyes ablaze as he quoted:

Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.
- Proverbs 22:29


Don't think I'm so spiritual that I know the exact verse. Michael told me where to find it in Proverbs so I dog-eared the page of my Bible. I had no idea what it meant at the time or even now. Maybe I'll figure it out sometime soon. He turned and I could hear the turf strain under his feet. He must be pulling close to 400lbs with all that armor. I yelled out for him but there was a howling gust of wind and he was gone. Figures, he left me there wondering what to do next.

I jumped back on my Harley and rode into the next town. I think it was called Randsburg, just north of L.A. It was a little place compared to Vegas but big enough to have a downtown complete with a museum, The Desert Museum. That's exactly where my Harley stopped, but not by my choice. The fuel gage dropped to EMPTY and I almost toppled the bike. It was early evening so there weren't any cars parked out in front and I had no where else to go but up the museum steps. As I reached the top step I noticed the front door was a bit ajar and with a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window. Before I could reach the door a security guard poked his head out, "Come on in, you're the last one."

I hesitated at first but then decided to go in to see what I was the last one for. I went inside and the security guard closed the door and locked it behind me. I wish I could remember his name…I'll leave that for the local obituary section. He had me sit down and then told me, "I'll be right back, if your at all qualified consider yourself hired. I have to let this other guy go. I caught him doing some strange things, making spells or something like that. I haven't told him yet. He's waiting in my office now. Once he's gone we'll see if the uniform fits you."

That was the last time I saw him, well, alive anyway. He walked into the office and I could see their dark figures behind the frosted glass. I started looking around the museum. It seemed pretty standard. I was in the main lobby and I could see three different hallways that lead to desert animals, another to exotic cultures and one other to an art gallery. That's when I heard something crash inside the office. Obviously this guy wasn't taking the news very well. I could hear yelling but couldn't quite make out the words. Then he stood up. Now he's not as tall as Michael, but he seemed to grow before my eyes. I heard the security guard say something like I was waiting to take over his job. That made him really mad and I heard a roar that took me back to my first time in the desert. The security guard exploded through his own frosted glass door. He landed close to my feet. I knelt down and felt for a pulse but didn't find one. I looked up to see one gruesome demon seed. His head had elongated and was a greenish black color. His grotesque body was ripping through his uniform. So much for the job…

I had no protection out in the open lobby and no weapons to speak of. I had three choices of where to go in the museum: animals, cultures and art. Thinking logically, I figured I probably wouldn't find anything to fight with in the art wing. I might find something in the animal areas but I really couldn't see myself fighting with a pair of antlers against that thing. So that left me with exotic cultures. I was just hoping that one of the culture displays had something sharp. I didn't waste a moment and ran down the dimly lit corridor. I could hear the demon seed roar again as he saw me run. He was still stuck in the office and I could hear him tear through the broken door.

The hallway I ran down opened up to a big room with different cultures of the world. There was a little area for each one. I surveyed each one as I ran past. The cavemen had stone spears, there was armor from medieval times, the American Indians had bow and arrows but then I saw what I was looking for…at then end of the hall was the Japanese area complete with samurai. There was a suit of leathery armor and what I wanted most, a samurai sword or as the exhibit pointed out, a katana. Don't ask me why I remember these things. I grabbed the sword and ran to my right. There was a hallway that led to the animal exhibit next door.

As I ran into the room I could hear a faint cry. There was a kid sobbing behind the stuffed lions. He must have heard or saw what happened and ran. I can't blame him. When I got to him he started whimpering about missing the bus to go home and he was sorry, thinking he was in trouble…he was in trouble all right. I tried to calm him down and finally got his name, Timmy. I told him my name and how we were in big trouble but that I would do all I could to protect him and get him home. He must have been about 11 or 12 years old. I grabbed him by the shirt collar and we made our way back to the lobby. The entire time I could hear smashing and growling in the adjacent room. It wouldn't take long for the demon seed to find us.

We made it back to the front doors after passing the body of the security guard. Timmy just stared at him. I told him not to look as I pressed against the front door. It wouldn't budge. There must have been some kind of electronic lock because it was not going to let me out. There were new sounds coming from the animal wing. The demon seed had found the back entrance to the animal hall and was making its way to us in the lobby. We had to move and quick. We ran to the art exhibit. I thought it would be collections of oil paintings and stuff like that but instead it was filled with sculptures and abstract art. I found a display of large and small boxes all stacked upon each other. I had to act fast. I told Timmy to jump in one of the boxes and stay as quiet as possible. He jumped in and said he didn't think he could stay quiet. I asked him if he knew how to pray. He said yes, so I asked him to pray for me as hard as he could so we could get out alive and I could take him back home. Timmy, with tears in his eyes, nodded and scrunched down into the box. As I stepped back, I couldn't see him at all in the dim light.

I looked for a place where I could hide and make a surprise attack. That had proven in the past to be most affective against the demon seed, either that or just blind luck. Guess I'll take luck any day of the week. The display across from the boxes was a bunch of manikins dressed for stormy weather. They were huddled in their coats at some kind of old time bus stop. I took my place in line for the bus just in time as the demon seed crept into the room. I finally got to see the entire creature. He had the same green tint as the other demon seed I've seen but a bit darker. Maybe it was the low light. Its head was also elongated and a full set of sharp teeth and a tongue that flipped out like a lizard. His claws scraped the marble floor as he stepped past the box display and headed in my direction. I stood as still as possible as it approached. My hand was sweaty and the katana handle slid down my hand. I was ready to strike when I heard Timmy praying. The creature turned and crept towards the boxes. I could hear Timmy pray for me. He prayed for strength and courage. I had that strange feeling again. It was like a tingle of electricity through me. My hands started to glow. I stood and took in all I could.

The demon seed was nearly on top of Timmy's box when I heard Timmy say "Jesus" and the creature cringed. It was like it took a shot to the mid-section. Then it recoiled and jumped at Timmy's hiding place. I met the monster half way driving the katana into its shoulder. I had quickly jumped into attack position when the creature doubled over in pain. I hardly remember how I got there now. My glowing hands drove the sword into the creature and carved my way through demon seed flesh. I turned the katana as the open wound oozed sticky fluid onto my hands. I slid the sword near its chest, almost cutting in it in two. Its sharp fingers had reached my neck. Suddenly, everything turned to ash. Its last shriek I can still hear ringing in my ears. I hope that goes away soon.

I pulled Timmy out of the box and we found the release for the front entrance in the security guards office, or what was left of it. I took Timmy down the steps and gave him a ride home. Oh ya, my gas tank, now it's on full. Go figure. I had Timmy tell his parents to call the police. I took off after I knew he was safe inside. I'm sure I'm being pursued as some kind of fugitive. I've left enough death and destruction behind me. So I move on, not really knowing where to go.

And here I am writing this all down. I'll try to keep this up to date as much as possible but no promises. I hope God continues to lead my way…he has so far.


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