Avengers:Endgame (2019) - Review
by Bryan Mero The time is finally here. It seemed like forever after Avenger:Infinity War (2018) that we would finally get the follow-up and ending to Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First of all I'd like to give a huge shout out to Marvel and their cinematic team for putting together such an amazing storyline, starting from the first Captain America movie, adding more characters and quality writing all to culminate into what I saw last night. Thank you MCU for bringing probably the best series of movies together. I never would think I would say this but the Marvel cinematic universe as far surpassed anything the Star Wars franchise has done in terms of entertainment and quality of work. Well done Marvel, well done.

On to the movie. I'm going to keep this relatively brief and to the point and keep it spoiler free. As most of you know Avengers:Endgame (2019) is the sequel to Avengers:Infinity War (2018) that left our original Avengers wallowing in their own self pity and feeling of failure as they were unable to stop Thanos from erasing half of all living things in the Universe. Anything beyond this is spoiler territory. Let's just say, that what most people expected from the plot were right on point.

What else can I say that isn't a spoiler. Emotionally we've all grown to love these characters and to see them go through their struggles, doubts and triumphs. This storyline puts you on such a rollercoaster ride in this movie that I had people clapping and sobbing all around me throughout. That doesn't happen too often in the movies anymore. From sheer aguish and sobbing to esctatic clapping and cheering. This movie is a triumph of what happens when things are done right.

The CGI is excellent for 99% of the film. There is one part where they put on helmets using nano-technology and it just doesn't look right, kinda like a cartoon helmet. Ok...that's my only critique of the CGI. Everying else was amazing! The final battle is breathtaking and everything Ready Player One (2018) wanted to be, Avengers:Endgame actually delivers.

My only other complaint...or really, more of a worry, is how Captain Marvel is used or not used in this movie. She is barely in this movie and when she is it's to save the day. Earth is just one of a thousand planets to her and doesn't seem special at all, at least not to her. As she takes over as the head of the Avengers in coming movies...I hesitate to think what the future holds. I need more of a journey with Carol Danvers. She is Superman with no kryptonite. She has no emotion. So, while I'm thankful that she has a limited role in this movie...since really, we are here for the original Avengers team...I'm afraid of how the future of the franchise will go with her as the leader. She's no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers.

Ok, to wrap this up. GO GO GO GO see this movie!! This will probably be the per-ultimate super hero movie ever to be made. The time (years worth and over 58hrs of screen time) and thoughtfullness that went into the entire series pays off with Avengers:Endgame. A three hour movie that feels like it could have gone for another 30 to 45 minutes and we would have been fine with it. Go to the bathroom before the movie starts...lay off the popcorn and soda so you don't have to leave the theater at any time. It will be worth it. Enjoy it with fellow Marvel fans who have been waiting for this just like yourself. Be courteous to those around you by being enthusiastic but quiet when there's a somber moment. Make this a moment in cinematic history that you and others can cherish beause we may never see this again.

I can't wait to see it again and discuss it with all my friends...maybe you'll be one of them. Thanks Marvel...thank you Stan Lee!


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