Wrinkle in Time (2018) - Review
by Kathleen Mero

Well, where to start? My family is filled with teachers, so let's begin there. I took my 14 year old home schooled very bright grand daughter to see what we thought would be the best movie for our spring outing. Because she is home schooled we can do things like this in the middle of the day while other kids are still in their class rooms. Other home schoolers were present as well, the best part of the movie was the enormous box of popcorn we bought.

We could hardly wait for the Disney version of not only the beloved version of the beloved book, but that was not to be. Young mother's please skip the movie, go to Amazon and order the book, read it with your children. 'Disney' people please take note, putting Oprah Winfrey in the movie was not a good move. Most kids have never heard of her, nice as she seems she was not an asset to the film, and finally, when the film ended there was not one clap or hurrah. That was Very sad. Love, Grandma Mero


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