Spider-man:Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Review
by Bryan Mero If you've come to read this review you have probably seen most of the Spider-man movies, from Sony's first attempt with Tobey Maquire up to the most recent 'Homecoming.' This is a Spider-man story you probably don't know about unless you are a diehard comic book fan. First, let's go over the plot.

Mile Morales is a kid in Brooklyn. His father is policeman and his mother a nurse and he's going to a new school. When he is bit by a radioactive spider he starts to change. He stumbles upon Spider-man battling Kingpin during a scientific experiment gone wrong that opens different dimensions and brings in several alternate 'spider-man' heroes from across time and space. They must work together to save the city and themselves.

That's as simple as I can get without spoilers for this movie. As you might already know, this is an 'animated' film. I'm sure that will put some people off and skip this movie. That would be a mistake. Sony created this new animation style that may revolutionize how animated comic book movies should be made. It's a combination of CGI but with line art, split screens, balloon pop-ups and more to make it feel like your inside a comic book. I know...some live action movies have tried this and failed terribly (original Hulk movie I'm looking at you) but Spider-man:Into the Spider-Verse flows like an never ending page of action and fun. This might be a first...but I may actually recommend you see this in 3-D. It's that good.

The characters are well developed and presented. We get to know Miles from the beginning and share his journey of growth. We also get to know some alternate Spider-heroes. Each are presented with their own mini original story, which are so well done, I'd take a movie of any of those characters as well. Each one is unique yet all share that same tragedy and purpose as a spider-hero.

The voice acting was perfectly cast. There was never a time in the movie when I thought of the voice actor over the character I was watching on screen. Dialogue to mouth movement was seamless. Everyone gave an over the top performance that can only be rivaled by some of the PIXAR movies. I even stopped myself during the movie to marvel at how 'real' the characters were as they talked, moved and interacted with each other.

As a non-spoiler review, I can't get into much more. I can say, there are villains I didn't expect, storylines I didn't anticipate but with a familiar tone that never left me confused or bored. This was an animated thrill ride from beginning to end. I hope they decide to use this technique to make more Marvel movies under the Sony brand. This is probably my 2nd favorite Spider-man movie after Homecoming...well done SONY!!


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