Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Review
by Bryan Mero This is a movie I never really believed could ever happen. To bring in so many actors as so many characters is beyond any movie goers wildest dream. Marvel fans that have been watching the movies since the first Iron Man (2008) will be able to keep up with the multiple subplots, each with it's own rollercoaster ride of emotions. For the casual fan...this might be a bit hard to chew and really understand what is going on.

Avengers:Infinity War (2018) takes us across the universe as the Avengers take on the foreboding Thanos. Thanos is on a quest to find the infinity stones and some of them are on the earth. Others are in the far reaches of the galaxy. The battle is on the prevent Thanos from collecting them all.

That's all you get in terms of plot from me. This is a spoiler free review. I will post a spoiled filled review possibly in a couple weeks. As for this review...all I can say is that Marvel just has a way of making good superhero films. We know all the characters already but it's the interaction between them that makes this film stand out. There is funny banter. There is serious discussion. There is victory and there is heartbreak. I'm not kidding folks, you may want to bring a tissue to your initial showing of this film.

The theater was full and despite the low volume (until it was turned up) and a crying baby for half the film (really people, take your child out if they are crying), this film flies by and ends abruptly after 2hrs and 40min. Our theater erupted in groans and shrieks as the credits rolled. I wish I could be more specific but you need to experience yourself. This is 100% worth going to the theater with a crowd. There are many times the audience clapped and cried.

For such a huge project, Avengers:Infinity War keeps you involved with each group of heroes. It begins where Thor:Ragnarok (2017) left off. From there Avengers:Infinity Wars takes off at a mile a minute and doesn't stop. Some are asking if this movie will split the fan base not unlike Star Wars - The Last Jedi, I don't think so. There will be some disappointed fans like always but I think it may be really the younger viewers that may not understand how the Marvel universe works. Again, I can't say much more.

One last note, for the lack of time we've spent with Thanos in the previous films, Avengers:Infinity War let's us get to know him and his is motivations and his solution to it all. Marvel has cornered the market on create dynamic and sympathetic villains. Thanos truly lives up to the biggest baddie of them all in the Marvel universe.

Note to Parents: There are a lot of intense scenes in this movie. This is not for your 2 year old. This is for kids of all ages 10 and up. Get a babysitter for your toddler. Please don't ruin everyone else’s experience at the theater with a crying or whining child. Thank you.

Note to Marvel Fans: GO SEE THIS MOVIE!


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