Thor:Ragnarok (2017) - Review
by Bryan Mero

With nothing but positive reviews and high ratings, I was expecting a lot for Thor:Ragnarok. It did not disappoint. Somehow Marvel continues to bring out action packed, fun and funny movies. This was simply a good time.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is on a mission. He returns to Asgard to find stage plays about Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and tales of his valiant death (that we saw from the last Thor movie). It's not long before Thor figures out that Loki has replaced their father Odin as King. Thor takes Loki back to earth to find their father but when they do, Odin has a dire warning. Hela (Cate Blanchett) is on her way and death will follow.

From that description you'd probably think this is nothing like the trailers you may have seen for Thor:Ragnarok. Actually, if there is a serious underlying story, the rest of the movie makes up for it with a constant barrage of comedy. Yes, you read that right, comedy. There was a time in the movie where there was much more comedic situations then marvel action. A good portion of the movie is setting up a reunion with Thor and The Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). What you see in the trailers is what you get in the movie and it's fantastic! I also have to give a shout out to Karl Urban who played Skurge. Urban is one of my favorite actors and he goes over the top awesome in this movie. I also want to recognize Taika Waititi who not only directed the film but also provided the motion capture for a warrior rock creature named Korg. Korg is a soft spoken rock monster ready for revolution and was perfectly portrayed. Korg is definitely my new favorite rock warrior! There are so many more easter eggs to other films and hint to upcoming fims that there would be too much to mention.

How does this fit with the overall Marvel arc going into Infinity Wars? There a many plot devices that bring us nearer to Infinity Wars but I'm not going to tell you here. Like everyone else you should just go see the movie. If you like the Marvel universe movies and especially the Thor movie line, this will be a fun and refreshing ride!

November leads us into the next holiday movie season and Thor:Ragnarok starts it off with a bang! We'll see how it matches up with the Justice League movie that comes out only a week later. It looks like Thor:Ragnarok will probably become my favorite Thor movie and close to the top for the Marvel Universe as a whole. Go have fun at this movie. Grab your popcorn and drink. This is fun for all! Parents, there is adult language scattered throughout the movie, just to be aware. Don't let that keep you from this from adventure that will keep you laughing and cheering for the good guys througout.


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