Spider-man:Homecoming (2017) - Review
by Bryan Mero

If you haven't heard about the new Spider-man movie, where have you been? Yes, Spidey is back and it's the same Spider-man we saw in Captain America:Civil War. That was a great rendition of the webslinger and after negotiations between Sony and Marvel, we got ourselves Spider-man:Homecoming (2017).

This time around Tom Holland is Peter Parker. I have to say I liked both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield in their roles as well, but there's something a little different here. First let's get into the story without any spoilers. Peter is now in training for the Avengers via Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr) in the aftermath of Civil War. His suit has a bunch of cool features and Peter calls in everyday checking to see if he is needed and giving reports of how he stopped a crime or saved a kitten from a tree. All of this is ignored by Happy (Jon Favreau) and Peter is frustrated. Will he ever be an official Avenger?

I will have to say they got things right this time around. Peter Parker is a teen, in high school, a nerd/geek that has crushes on girls and has to do his homework. There is a lot of inspiration from the old John Hughes' films. This is high school and it is the most important thing in most everyone's life...at the time. It is so with Peter and his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon). Even with superpowers, that doesn't make you a superhero over night. Peter has to learn and at times he learns the hard way. Not unlike a lot of teenagers.

Michael Keaton plays the Vulture, our bad guy. He's not trying to take over the world but he is doing things illegally and willing to do anything to protect his livelihood. Spider-man poses a threat to his 'business.' This was a refreshing take on a bad guy. There's no bubbling container of chemicals that he fell into...no, he's a man, no special powers besides the ones he is harvesting from past movies (see Avengers).

I'm trying my best not to give the entire plot away but it is tough. For those of you who have seen the movie, you all know how this goes. For those who still want to see it...it is worth it. Go see it. This is a much funnier movie that we've seen in the past. It's not funny because of witty dialogue by Spider-man, more of the situations he gets caught in and his interaction with his friends at school. That is what I like about this version of Spider-man. He is still trying to become 'Spider-man.' At this point he can move and swing but doesn't really have plan. He dives in head first without checking how deep the pool is.

I highly recommend Spider-man:Homecoming! It is funny, has some great action, a good bad guy and let's you fall in love with Spider-man/Peter Parker all over again. No movie could ever get Spider-man perfectly right...but this one feels as close as possible. I hope Sony and Marvel can keep this going moving forward. I can't wait to see what they have planned next!


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