Power Rangers (2017) - Review
by Bryan Mero

It was a challenge just to get into this movie. After being sold out at the first theater, the second one we went to only had front row available. Who would have thought that a movie with very mixed reviews would seem to be doing so well. As a 90’s tv show with a built in audience I expected a decent turnout for Friday and Saturday but for the entire weekend…get ready for the sequel!

Now let’s talk about the movie. Five misfit teens find special stones that designate them as the Power Rangers. They go up against Rita, who has been waiting for her revenge for millions of years. Here’s the good and bad: The Good – The performance by the power ranger teens were very solid. You actually get to know these characters (at least most them) and care what happens to them. The Bad – Rita and the big showdown at the end. Rita’s characters was way to superficial and her motivation, well, I’m still not sure why she was so mad. The big showdown at the end harkened back to the original TV show and played out the same way with better CGI effects.

I liked the interaction between Jason, Billy and Kimberly the most. Shout out to RC Cylar as Billy (Blue Ranger). As a slightly OCD character, his interactions with the others and his observations kept things interesting and moving forward. Dacre Montgomery as Jason (Red Ranger) was very good and made a believable struggling leader. Naomi Scott as Kimberly (Pink Ranger) played the former cheerleader and now ready to take on the world with a different attitude.

To sum up…if you’re looking for some nostalgia…you’ll find it in this movie but you may not like it all. I’d say it’s appropriate for 12+ ages. One of the Rangers is a troubled LGBT character who complains about her family. Rita has a couple jump scares and some violent imagery. So it may not be the best for smaller children. My recommendation…if you missed the Power Rangers in the 90s you might as well skip this movie and wait for the DVD. If you are a fan, I’d say that you should see it, there’s enough good to balance out the bad and it will get you ready for the sequel that I know is coming (along with five others). They are planning on SIX total Power Rangers movies. The first one isn’t horrible, but it’s not great either. Overall it was just OK.


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