Colony - Pilot Episode (2016 - USA Network)
by Bryan Mero

Before I begin, I'd like to applaud the cable networks in embracing science fiction. The resurgence of the Syfy network coming out with shows like Killjoys, Dark Matter and now The Expanse is exciting. The USA Network is having a go again after producing Mr. Robot.

This will contain some spoilers for pilot episode...

Colony stars Josh Holloway (LOST) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) who are husband and wife living in Los Angeles. Will and Katie are living with their two children and are seperated from a third, living in another block. They are all under alien military rule. Nothing is really explained in the pilot of when, why or how aliens took control but people are now left with trading whatever they have or can make for food, drink, medicine, etc. Will wants to find his son and tries to smuggle himself through one of the massive walls around the block and into Santa Monica. While going through the checkpoint a group of resistance fighters set off an explosive. Will is captured and his true identity is discovered. He is former military, special ops, investigator, you name it, he's done it and those type of people are in short supply. He must now strike a deal. Will he conform and help the status quo or turn his back on be part of the resistance?

That's enough of the premise of the first episode. Currently it is availabe for free streaming on the USA Network website and through it's new App.

My impressions: I miss LOST. You know, when it was good, the early years. Seeing Josh Holloway again brought many of those memories back. This is not LOST, but it is a decent concept that I'd like to see more of. Stories like this isn't just about the struggle of us vs. aliens, is more about how people treat each other in a totally controlled society. This place is locked down tight and if you are caught outside the boundries you are arrested and taken in. You have a medical condition? Sorry, that's just the culling of the herd. The weak perish as the stronger humans carry on.

The production value is really good. The landscape of L.A. with a huge wall was impressive. Daily life in this place appears authentic with the prevailing powers. Just the drop of an egg means you go without food for that day. Rationing is key because your not exactly sure where your next meal may come from.

The story moves a little slow at first. They want you invested in this family. For all of you still mad at Lori (Callies) from The Walking Dead, just let it go. She is fine in this and found her performance even better than I expected. Josh Holloway is always good and continues here.

A Desperate Call for Viewership!
For years those of us who like science fiction have been begger for new content. When it wasn't up to our liking or taste those same people easily turn their backs. This needs to stop. We need to support the science fiction shows that are being produced. Watch it during it's alotted time slot, see it On-Demand, use your DVR to record it or watch it on the USA App. The more interest we show, the more the networks will consider new content. I'm not saying to watch something if it truly is bad. What I'm saying that even if a show isn't perfect, do your part to help it succeed. Ok, I'm off my soap box.

Give The Colony a chance. I will definitely tune in and see where the story goes!


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