Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (2016) - Trailer Reaction
by Bryan Mero

To be honest, my first reaction was, "Really, who's been begging for a TMNT sequel after the last one??" I watched the trailer again and kind of see what they are TRYING to do...I don't know if they will be successful but here's my theory:

Nickelodian knows the the TMNT is a nostalgia franchise who's fans are now grown up enough to buy tickets. This may sound a bit harsh but bare with me. The demographic the studios are after are the 18 to 30-something males...ok, Megan Fox, check...not counting the movies they made in the 80's, there was the TMNT TV show from 1987 to 1996...that's a long time creating a lot of fans and then again in 2012 a CGI TMNT hit the scene, not as campy but enjoyable to watch. As an audience, you have the best of both worlds, those who watched the original cartoon and new viewers who watched the 2012 series and the first TMNT movie.

So who are you going to try to please? Those like me who loved the oringal 80's movie and that was about it...the cartoon didn't really do it for me, yeah is was fun but I was graduating high school, going to college and getting married while the turtles developed this following. So as a 40-something, this doesn't get me excited as much as others.

Those younger than myself, I can see the appeal. The movie is a live action version of the cartoon! Is that wrong? Not necessarily. Will it sell tickets? You bet it will! So, while it may not be my cup of tea, you may love the whole concept!

My Old Man Gripes:

  • Casey Jones was a down and out hockey player - Stephen Amell is way to clean cut for me. I like him as an actor as The Arrow...I'm used to seeing a darker Casey Jones.
  • Never ending CGI and lots of slow motion - Transformers called...they want to do lunch.
  • The weirdest looking turtle team ever - could they look more non-turtle-ish??

    My Old Man Likes:

  • Megan Fox - Maybe it's a carryover from the Transformer days but I still like her
  • Run DMC - It's Tricky (one of my favorites songs that really doesn't need a remix)
  • Fun - it looks like it will be a lot of fun, more jokes, less dread (I'm looking at you Batman v Superman)

    So there's my reaction. My honesty may show my age a bit but I still think this could be fun. I hope they prove me wrong!!


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