Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) - Trailer Reactor!
by Bryan Mero

Another trailer!! I'm calling this segment "Trailer Reactor" now...since it's easy to react to these trailers. This time it's a call-back to Indenpendance Day, the hit of 1996. It's 20 years later and the aliens are back and bigger and badder this time.

Will we be ready this time? Using alien technology to update our fighter planes and creating a global looks like we will not go into the night, we will not perish from this earth...anyway, back to the trailer.

First, first reaction when I saw the link: oh man, another one? First reaction after watching the trailer: I can't wait to see this! Amazing what trailers can accomplish. As we have seen in the past week, some are good and some are bad...this pulled on the heart strings from 20 years ago and didn't let go. Jeff Goldblum is still the man when it comes to scifi. The trailer does a great job leading up to the pending invasion but doesn't give away too much. This was a great trailer!

This looks like a great summer movie. I can't wait!


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