Deadpool (2016) - Review
by Bryan Mero

I've been reading the Deadpool comics for years and never thought that this movie would actually get made, or be any good. What an incredible surprise. Deadpool(2016) starring Ryan Reynolds is just what the doctor ordered in the months leading up to more and more superhero movies. This is NOT a superhero movie. This is Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth (and a dirty one it is), who is out for revenge and doesn't care how many bodies or limbs lay in his wake.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a bad guy who intimdates other bad guys for a living. He is former military and special forces that gives him skills with both hand to hand, sword and firearms. He meets a girl (Morena Baccarin) who steals his heart but there is trouble on the horizon. Wilson has terminal cancer. There is no treatment, except for a strange little man who offers Wilson a way to be cured and become a superhero. Needless to say, only part of this actually happens and everything else goes south.

Most of the movie follows Deadpool as he hunts down the man who created him and kidnapped his girlfriend. Along the way Deadpool talks his mouth off to everyone around him and to the audience. He breaks the fourth wall whenever he sees fit and it works! He says exactly what we are thinking. He is crude, nasty and plays it perfect.

Note to parents - please don't take your under 13 year old to this movie. We had a few kids in our theater and after watching the film, this is a mistake. It's rated R for a reason. Leave your kids at home. I know they want to see the movie but that doesn't mean you need to take them. Buy them a comic book instead. There are adult situations, language, nudity, sexual situations, limbs and body parts being cut off and more. So this is your warning...keep the kiddies at home. And for those weak in the knees or offended easily, you might want to skip this one too.

From the opening credits to the post credit end scene (yes, there is a hilarious end scene) this movie was a breath of fresh air from an anti-hero movie. I could see this opening up many opportunities for other characters and stories that aren't exactly in the DC/Marvel universe. There are some great graphic novels like "Irredemable" that could get some notice now that Deadpool has lead the way. Deadpool 2 is already being written. Let's hope for another witty, fast paced, no holds-barred sequel like this one. If your a Deadpool fan, you won't be disappointed.


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