Captain America:Civil War (2016) - Review
by Bryan Mero

I sat in a full theater of fans, fans who have been anticipating this movie for years, ever since the comic book series hit the shelves. I was one of those people who read the comic book series called Civil War. It told a story of how Tony Stark and Steve Rogers disagreed on how they should take responsibility or use their enhanced powers. Let me tell you now, I will do my best not to spoil anything in the movie. There are moments you just need to experience and enjoy. On the other hand, this is NOT the comic book and I say that in a good way. The comic book has it's own motivations and results. Please don't expect a rehash from the comic. This movie takes all the movies before it and uses it as a history lesson. It also shapes how governments view and want to 'deal' with the Avengers.

Hear is where it is difficult to give a review without people crying over spoilers. I'm one of those people so I will give it my best shot. The title of the movie gives away a few things: #1 - this is a Captain America movie played by Chris Evans. From the first Cap movie until now, Steve Rogers has stayed pretty constant as a character. He and Tony Stark have had a rough relationship but always ended up on the same side. Speaking of, that's #2, the breaking of a friendships and clash of ideas fuels this Civil War between our heroes. I will let the movie tell you how it plays out. I went in on Team Cap's side and left with the opinion that both sides have merit which made it all the more meaningful once the punches started being thrown.

Everyone is here in this one except for's a point of contention that Cap and Tony Stark make towards the beginning of the movie. We even have a new hero, Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman nails this character. So much so that the Black Panther movie is one I can't wait for...even though it won't hit theaters until summer of 2018. The other 'new' character is Spider-man played by Tom Holland. What Boseman does for Black Panther, Tom Holland brings to Spider-man and more. This is the not Sam Raimi character or the Amazing Spider-man we've seen from Sony Pictures. This is Peter Parker from the comics. He's a high school kid played by a teenager. This is the Spider-man Marvel fans deserve.

There were so many other great performances I can't really write about them all without giving away some of the awesome moments in the movie. With that said, I can't wait for the next Ant-Man movie. I never thought I'd be hearing myself say that but with a solid first movie and now an incredible appearance in Civil War, I must say Ant-man was one of my favorites.

What kind of problems are in this movie? There's not a lot. I would say that if your not a Marvel movie fan, your going to miss a ton of references thrown in from past films. Again, those references we can focus at another time or you can go on Youtube and see you what you missed. For an action film, there is a lot of discussion and brooding at the beginning. This may go over some people's head, but I think it was on purpose. It was uncomfortable. We are used to witty banter going back and forth, and you get that, but in a tense and serious moment there is awkward silence and serious dialogue. Kids may find it boring, as an adult I found it intriguing. There are some inconsistencies during some action sequences that you might not even notice but they are there and maybe on the cutting room floor to keep this film from being 3hrs instead of 2.5hrs. Hopefully we'll get an extended addition on blu-ray.

When compared to some other big budget movie with superhero tensions, yep Batman v Superman I'm looking at you, there is more motivation, more concern and more at stake in this movie because you care about all of these characters. You see both sides of the coin and find yourself agreeing with both. Where is the balance? Although they try to find it amongst themselves, it's the government that forces conflict. This is a story about power and control. Who has it and who is allowed to use it. I know that's kind of deep for a Marvel movie but when all is said and done, isn't that what we are constantly arguing about worldwide? If you don't want to think about it in those terms that is fine. It is just a movie that has successfully pulled off the greatest ensemble cast ever put together. It not only solidifies its position as the best superhero movie franchise, but it sets itself up for the next four years of movies. Bravo Marvel, well played.


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