10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Trailer Reaction and Theory List
by Bryan Mero

My Reaction:
OMG - I can't believe they were able to pull this off. In a world where social media is desperately trying to leak anything it can about everything how in the world did they do it?

How did they do it?
The originally story was called The Cellar. The story was about a young girl who is in a car crash, saved from the crash and wakes up in a bunker. She is told it is no longer safe to go outside since there was a chemical attack. She then tries to escape.

This project still has a website TheCellarMovie.com and you can get in by using the password "co2". This appears to be a broken lead. UPDATE: There now seems to be a trailer on The Cellar website...they need funding, so its possible they are using this attention to help themselves and I can't blame them. There's a new menu with a synopsis and clips from behind the scenes and more. Does this have anything to do with 10 Cloverfield Lane? I don't think so. This is a totally different story, more of a strange experient or invention in the cellar of an old castle.

Here is what we do know, that the film "Valencia" (which did have a storyline of a girl taken into a bunker) is what director Dan Trachtenberg was filming. On his intagram he has pictures of the clapper board with the Valencia title on it. This is much like "Blue Harvest" a title that LucasFilm used to hide its identity when filming The Return of the Jedi. So all this time a small known film called Valencia about a girl trying to escape a bunker was the Cloverfield sequel or in J.J. Abrams words a "blood relative". The story goes that Valencia was bought and scripts written but at some point it was transformed into 10 Cloverfield Lane. It kept the original name for secrecy. Now is that all true? It makes for a good story but I doubt that in the last minute they thought, "we've got a pretty boring movie, let's mix it up and tag on a monster." No, this was calculated. Ever since LOST I've learned not to underestimate Mr. Abrams. Now that we know some of the details and have seen the trailer it's time to break it down and figure out what's coming through that door.

Breakdown of Theories

    4-8-1-3 - the numbers punched into the jukebox. This could be completely nothing or it could be a clue. What are these numbers beyond the jukebox? Is it a combination for a lock or a codeword or password? Is it a actually 4-8-13 which is the begining of a type of mathematical equation. Or is 4-8-13 a date? What happenned on that date two years ago? Could that be the date when the movie takes place? Ah, now we are getting somewhere. You'll notice in the trailer when the girl lifts her iPhone, it looks like an iPhone 5, which came out back in 2013. Or is 4:8-13 a Bible verse? You'll need to find your own book of the Bible to plug this into.
    UPDATE!! Reddit user 'olhomy' found this screenshot from CLOVERFIELD - it cleary has 04:08:013 timestamp and "Multiple Sightings of Case Designate". So if there was any question before on whether 10 Cloverfield Lane was not a sequel, this should certianly lay that to rest.
    The Eiffel Tower - she is wearing an Eiffel Tower t-shirt in the trialer and there are a few times we see a picture on the wall of the bunker. Significance? Could be nothing...some say it could be just a fashion choice by Goodman's wife who helped him decorate the bunker. That's just something we don't know. Could this place be near Paris, IL, a small town near Aurora. This one is pretty lacking in clues but its fun to talk about. Let's move on.
    The Song - "I Think Were Alone Now" was originally sung by Tommy James & The Shondells. They also recorded another song called "Crimson and CLOVER." Now, is that just a huge coincidence? I doubt it. My guess is that we never hear "I think were along now" in the movie but it might be possible we hear "Crimson and Clover" instead, just for affect. Or we don't hear either song at all. Again, I think this is a red herring, just something for us to discuss...this was done many times on LOST, so I know the drill. Beyond that, look up the lyrics for both songs and see how errie they are when thinking aobut their situation.
    Swamp Pop Soda - Wow...what an awesome idea for a real soda company to be in on the secrets of 10 Cloverfield Lane. The Swamp Pop Soda website is your typial company website but there's some weird stuff going on. There's a brew master video that features a woman from New York (Cloverfield terriorty). If you ask them about their bunker type supply of Swamp Pop they will gladly reply with a note saying, "due to the unforseen events on the east coast, there will be a delay in supplying Swamp Pop soda..." Now, this really puts Swamp Pop in the mix. They are in on the joke and willing to play with us. The CEO of Swamp Pop used to be apart of the entertainment industry, so that's not a huge surprise. The spike in Swamp Pop is definitely on the rise!!
    The Official Poster - you can view the 10 Cloverfield Lane poster here. The poster looks cool in itself but there might be a bit more then you think. Why would I even suspect this? The orginal Cloverfield movie poster had a hidden image of the monster from the movie. There's a poster with smoke billowing out of the buildings...when you mirror the image the smoke reveals the face of the Cloverfield monster. So what you say? So what if I told you that 10 Cloverfield Lane has the same thing going on. I mirrored the official poster at the top and then turned it, lightenned it up a bit and got this. What does it look like to you? It doesn't look good whatever it is but maybe it coincides with our next point.
    The term "Blood Relative" - JJ Abrams used this term to describe 10 Cloverfield Lane as a sequel to Cloverfield. What does this mean? Some think it's in the same tone or feeling as Cloverfield. I'd say no to this since it was a hand-held first person movie in Cloverfield and this one definitely is not shot that way. It obviously exist in the same universe as Cloverfield but that's expected from a sequel. Here was my first response...blood relatives are mothers, father, brothers and sisters. We don't know if the characters are related, but I think we can assume that the monster itself is probably related.
    The Puzzle - The puzzle they are working on is called Catfish. The puzzle looks like this. Does this MEAN anything? Well the term 'catfish' can be looked at as misdirection or something not genuine. This could mean one of the characters are not what who they say they are. It could just be a representation of their situation. They are a cat in a bowl with a snorkel. He's looking through the glass to the outside. Again, most things aren't done by accident so this is either a representation of their lives or could be more in terms of their characters.

So with all this, what are we left with? JJ Abrams has literally created a monster. A living breathing monster that now has its own legs. Those of us who love a mystery are clinging on and participating in the ride...there are things to explore, dead ends and breakthroughs...how often can a movie give you something like that? STAR WARS:TFA gave us some of this, in terms of talking points and specualation, but that's for a huge movie that almost everyone knows about. This is like an exclusive club and the fans of Cloverfield have the secret password and know the handshake that can get us in. We are in on the joke or conspiracy (if you want to call it that). What is the best thing about this? We don't have a wait a year, only two months while the hype train moves forward. Thank you JJ Abrams, Dan Trachtenberg and Bad Robot for keeping it a surprise to everyone! I know it couldn't be easy but you did it. I can't wait to see the movie and see what's on the other side of that bunker door.


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