Summer TV Testing of 2014
by Bryan Mero

I posted this in the spring of 2014 and these scifi shows were on my radar...I'm going to go through each one and give you my final thoughts and which ones actually made it another season (or more).

As most of you know, summer used to be a wasteland for television programming. Somehow in the last few years the networks have figured out that people still watch TV from the end of May to the beginning of September.

24: Live Another Day / FOX / Mon Jack is back, again. Even though Keifer Sutherland said he would never play the role again, Iím so glad he decided to go back on his word. Jack Bauer is back for this half season of 24 (yeah, thereís no way they couldíve called it 12). Following only 12hrs this time but still in real time, I remember now why I liked the show so much. Yes, itís unrealistic, but its action packed and it makes you think. Jack is older now and it shows a bit especially when he needs to run or do a fight scene but overall Jack is still a badass that can kick terrorist butt. Thanks for coming back JackÖwith only 4 more episodes to go, I canít wait to see how they tie it all together and will there be a hint of more 24 in the future? Can you say cliffhanger?

Still haven't confirmed a date for more 24, if any. I hope Jack comes back but I'm not holding my breath.

Defiance (Season 2) / Syfy / Thurs The second season of Defiance started last week so there is still time to get up to speed on whatís going on. Itís been some time from last season and I guess if you play Defiance online (the game) you are actually a bit more in tune that just a viewer like myself. Joshua travels west to find Irisa, who disappeared at the end of last season, and saves him (again) from a bunch of thugs. They decide to travel back home to Defiance that is now run by the military. Datak is in prison and left to letting his wife run the family business back home. Itís nice to be back in Defiance. Problem I have is if it didnít return, I really wouldnít have missed it that much. The characters are interesting but everyone is unlikeable. Iím not really routing for anyone. Iíll keep watching to see if someone floats to the top but if I miss an episode I wonít be heart broken.

Defiance was canceled after this season and I should have seen the writing on the wall...if I was board, I'm sure many others were also and stopped tuning in. Luckily the Syfy network is not giving up and move forward with CHildhood's End and The Expanse starting in December of 2015!

Dominion / Syfy / Thurs Wow, something fresh from Syfy. The show is based on the movie Legion that came out a few years back. The first episode was quite impressive. As compared to Defiance, there are many characters I like and hope move forward. Itís been 25 years after Godís disappearance and the angels who are left decide they will rule over the earth but not with all the dirty humans still on it. The human race is saved by the archangel Michael. Michael and a band of survivors call former Las Vegas their home, now called Vega. Gabriel leads the charge of angels against humanity and another battle is about to begin. Inside the walls of Vega, two houses in power try to decide what their next move is and how to benefit from it. All the while, our main character, Alex, is revealed as humanities saviorÖnow what Alex? Check this series out but be warned it is TV-MA for some language and some bare butts in the shower.

Here's another that just couldn't get me to come back. I love the concept of an angel war, etc...but there was something lacking here, not sure what but as of now, Dominion is over.

The Last Ship / TNT / Sun Hey look itís a Michael Bay production! Can you expect explosions, pretty girls and bad dialogue? Yep, this one delivers all the Michael Bay goodness youíd expect. Iím not saying that itís bad or good just yet. After only the first episode, I can only say Iím going to tune in for more. I like the concept but Iím not sure how far they can go with it. The concept is this, a destroyer is on a secret research mission and radio silence is held for 4 months. Once they open up communications the ship finds the worldís population is being depleted by a terrible pandemic. Luckily, the research that they were doing onboard might be able to stop it. Meanwhile, governments have toppled and war, violence and death could be around any corner (or port in this case). Iíll keep watching for now.

Here is the one show that keeps getting better. I can't wait for the next season coming in the summer. The actor is awesome and the storylines keep you guessing and moving the story foward. I simply love this show!

Fallen Skies (Season 4) / TNT / Sun TNT has really committed to Fallen Skies and Iím thankful because it is really the best sci-fi series on television. The first and second season took a little time to get some traction but now itís moving full speed ahead. Tom is now a prisoner as the world is slowly being converted to an alien world. The kids are being brainwashed (not unlike the Nazi re-education schools). Tom sneaks out every night and is mapping out the city and enemy stations for some big escape plan. Heís the ďghostĒ on a motorcycle. He has little help from his alien friends from last season so itís all up to him now. Theyíve taken a little turn with his daughter who is partially alienÖwho is a religious figure head, guru of some kind that is able to keep the attacking aliens away. Itís seems a little forced in the story line. Overall, Iím still going to watching.

The last season was in the summer of 2015. It might have been one summer too late. There were a couple of seasons that just didn't do it for me. It's now over and we'll see what else can fill the void for TNT next summer.

Coming Soon: Under the Dome (Season 2)/ CBS Iím curious to see where they go with Under the Dome this season. Our residents are still trapped under this strange dome. The population is very unpredictable as Barbie is ready to be strung up by the neck. Stephen King apparently wrote the first episode for Season 2 starting on June 30th, so I will for sure be tuning in.

Under the Dome is now canceled but for 3 season of a filler type show it was pretty good. I'd look forward to more like this.


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