The Avengers (2012)
Review by Bryan Mero

AUDIENCE ASSEMBLE!! The biggest super hero movie is finally here! Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few months there is no way to miss the coming of The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon (Firefly/Buffy). The star studed cast includes names like Robert Downey Jr (Ironman), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffafo (Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Samuel L. Jackosn (Nick Fury) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki). That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of talent included in this movie.

Here's the setup, there is an amazing cube of power that you might remember from the Captain America movie. Our government has been experimenting on it but there are others, outside our own realm that would like to have it also. Loki devises a plan to conquer earth using the cube to open a portal for alien invaders, under his rule. Our mis-match of heroes are challenged to work together to fight this threat to humanity and to the earth itself.

In most respects, this is a great assemble cast that brings together familiar characters from movies over the past few years. The anticipation from fan boys (and fan girls) has been very high to the point of eruption to say the least. I've seen expectations so high that a movie has no way to fulfill it...The Avengers is not that film. It takes those expectations and knocks it through a brick wall! Every character is true to his or her movie from before. The only real newcomer is Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. He is easily my favorite rendition of the Hulk so far. I hope they consider a new movie of his own.

Give Joss Whedon credit, it would have been very easy to make this more Iron Man 3 with a few extra characters, instead he gives almost every character equal time and equal roles on the Avengers team. We get to know The Black Widow and Hawkeye much better, although I wish they could have spent a little more time on Hawkeye's background. Beyond that, the origin stories for each character have already been taken care of and now we can go about putting these incredibly different personalities together. This is especially the case with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers...playboy vs the soldier...conflict of ideas and leadership abound but in the end, the only thing that matters is the protection of earth itself.

Probably the most surprising thing in the movie is the comedy. Yes, this could almost be labeled an action/comedy with some of the spontaneous lines and action that brought our theater roaring with laughter. The Avengers doesn't try to be all dark and dreary like some dark caped movie coming soon, which I think has its place. The Avengers is a celebration of all the successful Marvel movies. This is a party of super heroes that have come to kick some alien butt. The effects are incredible and the digital 3-D was fantastic. I'm not a big 3-D fan but this movie made it well worth it. If you have the ways and means to see it in 3-D do it. If the price is too steep (understanble with ticket prices) the regular screening will be just as funny, action packed and satisfying.

It is time for the audience to assemble and start filling their local theater seats for a great time. This will easily be on top of the box office for the next few weeks and may be on point to break a few records along the way. It is all well deserved. Thanks to director Joss Whedon for bringing such a diverse crew together and making such a memorable movie. I can't wait to go see it again!

p.s. Just when you think the movie is isn't. Stay in your seat for not one, but two bonus scenes...the first bonus scene is right after the main credits and helps setup a possible sequel and the bonus scene after all the credits have rolled and the cleanup crew is sweeping up the popcorn will once again make you laugh.

UPDATE: I still like this Avengers movie a little bit more than Age of Ultron...but only a bit. This was such a great way to bring all the characters in the Marvel Universe togther and they are still using the aliens in New York story today with the Netflix series Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the upcoming Luke Cage. The ripples from this movie is still having it's affect on the rest of the Marvel Universe and our viewing pleasure!!


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